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Third for Nina Berton and Fourth for Alice Maria Arzuffi at Cyclocross National Championships

Both Nina Berton and Alice Maria Arzuffi took a short break from our January training camp to take part in their National Cyclocross Championships, with excellent results.

Berton, competing in Mamer in Luxembourg took third place in the U23 race: "Today was a really hard day as the course was physically and technically demanding. It was really cold, snowing and really windy which didn't make the racing conditions any easier. Coming from training camp in Spain where it was 20 degrees, it was a shock!" She explained. "In the end, I'm disappointed with the result. I had hoped for more but I didn't really find my rhythm and had some bad luck with some crashes. I know I did my best and fought through the mud to finish third U23, which isn't bad. Now I'm looking forward to getting back on the road with the team, ready for my first road race in two weeks." 

Arzuffi, in action in Italy narrowly missed the podium, taking fourth place after a long chase from her start at the back of the field: "I am happy because my condition is getting better. If I think about my first Cyclocross race vs today then I think I've improved a lot. I started at the back as I have no Cyclocross UCI points and was able to chase back but unfortunately, I couldn't catch the three out front. The circuit was fast with many corners and only two parts where it was possible to push a bit more. I still enjoyed the race a lot and I am happy with the result. It's a good buildup to the road season and I'm looking forward to getting back to training camp with the team tonight."