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Medical Updates: Nina Berton and Lana Eberle

Lucky escapes for both Nina Berton and Lana Eberle on Itzulia Women Stage One.

An eventful day in the Basque Country, with the weather conditions and other events contributing to a crash-filled, chaotic race.

At kilometer 67, Nina Berton was involved in a crash on a descent that resulted in her going over the guardrail and off the side of the road. She was taken to the hospital in Barakaldo, where she underwent thorough checks and X-rays which thankfully confirm that she has no major injuries, only some cuts and bruises from the fall.

Lana Eberle was later involved in an incident with a police car on the race route that resulted in a crash for her and five other riders. Luckily, Lana only suffered abrasions and bruising and was bought to the finish by the race organisation. 

Both will remain in Spain with the team, who will monitor their recovery.

We're all wishing for a speedy recovery for all of the riders affected by today's incidents.