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Lisa Brennauer to miss Paris - Roubaix Femmes in 2022

Unfortunately Lisa Brennauer will miss Paris - Roubaix Femmes in 2022.

Lisa Brennauer will sadly miss the 2022 edition of Paris - Roubaix Femmes on Saturday 16th April due to testing positive for COVID-19 after the Tour of Flanders. 

After finishing in 4th place in the inaugural edition of Paris - Roubaix Femmes in 2021, Brennauer had her sights set on on the second edition having it as a main focus of her spring season.

"I have COVID-19 but I feel well and I am getting better already but I'm going to miss out on Paris Roubaix Femmes this year. Of course I'm very sad, it's a great race and it was meant to be the highlight of my spring season and now I can't take part. It's super sad but of course I wish everyone a great race and especially my team, sending the best of luck for this super hard and big event that is coming up on Saturday."