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Team WNT Christmas Special: Part 1


1) Dream Christmas present

Natalie Grinczer: A holiday home on the continent- in a much warmer climate

Anna Badegruber: A day trip to the moon

Hayley Simmonds: A kitten! But I'm not sure our current cat would be too happy about a new addition...

Emily Kay: French bull dog

Bex Rimmington: A mini Go-Pro for my cat

2) Favourite Christmas Day game?

NG: Pictionary

AB: Any board games

HS: Board games! I always used to get one as a present which we would play as a family. These days my husband & I like complicated board games that none of my family will agree to play!

EK: Heads up charades

BR: Normally whatever my nieces and nephews get for Christmas, last year it was Pie Face!!

3) Bike ride or day off on Christmas Day?

NG: Day off

AB: Day off spend time with my Family

HS: It's always planned as a rest day

EK: Day off would be my choice but not always my coaches

BR: Depends how long it takes to open presents!

4) All-time favourite Christmas film?

NG: The Snowman

AB: Kevin allein zuhause

HS: The Santa Clause or Love Actually

EK: Elf or the holiday

BR: National Lampoons Christmas Vacation

5) Favourite food on your plate for Christmas dinner?

NG: Pigs in blankets.

AB: Tiramisu and Raclette

HS: Christmas varieties of stuffing (even when we don't have turkey!)

EK: Pigs in blankets

BR: Yorkshire Pudding

6) Christmas pudding or mince pie?

NG: Don’t really like either, but I’ll eat the toblerone

AB: Have never tried them..

HS: Both?! But we normally have homemade chocolate Yule log with chestnut cream on Christmas Day.

EK: Not a fan of either

BR: Mince Pie

7) Christmas jumper during the festive period?

NG: Yep!!! A knitted jumper with reindeers!

AB: I want to buy a Santa Claus jumper.

HS: Yes, but I only have one - a cute one with 2 penguins on. I love Christmas! Now I'm feeling very Christmassy

EK: Don't own one but always a new pair of Christmas pyjamas

BR: Reindeer jumper


Stay tuned for part two!