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Team WNT Christmas Special: Part 2


1) Dream Christmas present

Hannah Walker: A round the World trip!!

Katie Archibald: The gift of always having a good outfit in the cupboard.

Hayley Jones: A holiday anywhere where there's a beach and it's hot.

Lydia Boylan: A classic Mini Cooper!

Elise Maes: a trip to New Zealand

2) Favourite Christmas Day game?

HW: Jon Mould’s Christmas Quiz!!

KA: Articulate

HJ: Monopoly, although I never end as much fun as it starts.

LB: When I was, younger I was always a Monopoly tycoon.

EM: Dancing and singing to Christmas songs

3) Bike ride or day off on Christmas Day?

HW: Bike ride if its sunny and I have company, otherwise a walk with the dogs!

KA: Bike ride! Mountain bike if icy.

HJ: Bike ride, I'm in Australia and Christmas just isn't the same here, so it's a normal training day.

LB: Bike ride. The 'cross bike usually gets its annual trip out! Although I don't have any mtb shoes anymore! Argh.

EM: Day off and digesting my food baby on the couch

4) All-time favourite Christmas film?

HW: The Santa Claus or Miracle on 34th Street

KA: It’s a Wonderful Life.

HJ: Santa clause

LB: Too many! But it'd have to be 'It’s a Wonderful Life'. All time classic. Or Gremlins!

EM: Dinner for One

5) Favourite food on your plate for Christmas dinner?

HW: Prawn Cocktail starter topped with smoked salmon and crayfish tails, a Walker tradition!!

KA: Terry's chocolate orange.

HJ: Pigs in blankets

LB: In recent years I've become awfully fond of Brussels sprouts! As a kid I was always way more interested in dessert!

EM: Soft chocolate cake with ice cream

6) Christmas pudding or mince pie?

HW: Mince pies!!!

KA: Mince pies plural.

HJ: Neither, cake for me sorry.

LB: Toby makes a mean Christmas pudding.

EM: haven't eaten both of them yet...

7) Christmas jumper during the festive period?

HW: I don’t have one but I have Christmas socks and pjs!

KA: Yerp.

HJ: No, it's way too hot for a jumper here haha

LB: Wouldn't say no.

EM: of course, A red one with reindeers


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