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Warm up like Track World Cup winner, Emily Kay!


With the track season already upon us, the European Championships in Berlin Germany start today, a will be taking place from the 18th-22nd October.


Two Team WNT Pro Cycling riders have been announced to represent Great Britain, 8 x European Champion Katie Archibald and World Cup Omnium winner, Emily Kay as well as Lydia Boylan who will be representing Ireland.


If you’ve ever wondered how professional athletes prepare and warm up for a 4km team pursuit, bunch races or even a fast criterium such as the Matrix Fitness Tour Series then generally the warm up is the same in order to get the muscles and heart set for the intense effort it’s about to be put under.


That’s the case for Emily Kay, who’s been cycling since she was 5-years-old and uses this warm-up method whether it’s for a track world cup, world championships or a British criterium.


Follow these easy steps to help:

• 5-10 minutes easy pedalling, waking the legs up

• 8 minutes’ progressive - increasing power/effort over the 8 minutes, ‘I personally increase every 2 minutes’ says Emily

• In the last 30 seconds, I get everything out and go full gas

• 3 minutes- easy pedalling

• 2 minutes - with 2 sprints (either high cadence sprints, or big gear activators 4-10 seconds long)

• 3 minutes easy pedalling to finish.


Try the warm up for yourself and see how it improves your performance!