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Team WNT Christmas Special: Part 3


1) Dream Christmas present

Gaby Shaw: Holiday to the Caribbean

Becca Carter: Flying my family out to Aus so we could all enjoy a hot Christmas.

Josie Knight: Free travel so I could go anywhere and everywhere if I wanted

2) Favourite Christmas Day game?

GS: Charades

BC: I'm banned from playing board games, too competitive or something

JK: Charades or "who am I"

3) Bike ride or day off on Christmas Day?

GS: Day off, day spent with the family

BC: Bike Ride - quietest roads!

JK: Usually a day off the bike but with my family Christmas Day is always some sort of adventurous hike or swim!

4) All-time favourite Christmas film?

GS: Oh tough one, The Grinch and Home alone!

BC: Not sure!? The Holiday maybe?!

JK: Haven't really watched many

5) favourite food on your plate for Christmas dinner?

GS: Pigs in blankets.

BC: Ummmm... any of the yummy veg!

JK: The pigs in blankets are my fav!

6) Christmas pudding or mince pie?

GS: Neither, I'll have some chocolate instead.

BC: Neither.

JK: Mince pies all the way!

7) Christmas jumper during the festive period?

GS: No but thinking of embracing it this year!

BC: Might do a Christmas bikini haha!

JK: Of course!


Wishing you a wonderful Christmas Day from all at Team WNT!