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Hope Pro 4: Behind the Hubs


When it comes to wheels and hubs Team WNT Cycling UK relies completely on the products that are made by the company Hope using precision tools from WNT. The name Hope belongs to a well-renowned company from Barnoldswick, Great Britain, that manufactures all their parts themselves (made in the UK) from the crank all the way down to the smallest screw in order to guarantee the best possible quality and reliability. Hope currently produces each part that can be found on a bike and exports over 50% of its products to more than 40 countries including France, Austria, Belgium and Germany. The product range comprises wheels, brakes, headsets, handlebars, bottom brackets and lights. The only part missing is a frame, which will be launched on the market soon. Here you can see in a video how a finished hub is made from a block of metal and observe the decisive role played by the precision tools from WNT.