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Maider Mayoral Miguel

Hometown:I’m from Lasarte-Oria, a little town in Basque Country near to San Sebastian. I lived there for 18 years and then I moved to study at university. Now I live in Basque country too, but in different province where I have my job, in Barakaldo.
Professtional background:Physiotherapist / Soigneur
Favorite place:My mother’s town... Very little village in Zamora, Spain. It’s the most peaceful place for me. But I like anywhere with sea and mountain’s nearby. Where you can walk, take some sun... If you have good company, any place improves.
Favorite food:Probably my mother's Spanish omelette or meatballs... Very delicious. My mom cooks very well and this is big problem!! Hahaha
Favorite drink:Beer! I don’t drink usually but with my friends or in some parties!
Motto: Live, love, laugh. Sometimes we forget we aren’t here forever. And we lose our time in unnecessary things.